How to fix “Google Update installation failed with error 0x8004071c”

I just tried to install Google Chrome on my Windows 7 machine and was faced with this obscure error message.

I found the answer on the Chrome support site – it’s caused by the following registry key:


Mine was set to IMAGE_STATE_UNDEPLOYABLE. Removing this value enabled the Google Chrome installer to proceed as normal.

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    16 comments on “How to fix “Google Update installation failed with error 0x8004071c”

    1. yuyu says:

      i deleted the IMAGE_STATE_UNDEPLOYABLE but is still not working. any other solution?

    2. Chris Barnes says:

      Sorry Yuyu, I’m not sure why it’s still not working for you. It might be worth trawling the Chrome support site some more.

    3. Lillebro says:

      It worked for me: you have to delete the value name “ImageState” complete, not only the value data!

    4. Kouzoulos says:

      It worked for me too!!!

    5. Ted says:

      your fix is surprising but it worked thanks

    6. Jesse says:

      This worked great for me, thank you! I don’t think I’d ever ever ever have figured this out myself!

    7. David G says:

      FileHippo link worked for me, but then Chrome was still unable to download/install any updates. I ended up uninstalling all Google software, deleting all Google folders, and deleting all Google entries from the registry (just deleting ImageState wasn’t enough). Now I can install all Google packages, including all flavors of Chrome and all updates! Whoo!

    8. Kris says:

      The Offline Standalone worked for me for Chrome. Now what about getting Google Drive to install now? I get the same error as before. Drive is VERY Important to me.

      Any Insite on this issue would be greatly appreciated!
      Thank you in advance!


    9. Jaimy D says:

      I fixed this issue by going into regedit and removing HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432\Node\Google\Chrome
      Once those values were removed I was able to install Chrome, Google Earth, and updates.

    10. Graham D. says:

      I also had to delete the registry entries mentioned by Jaimy D. After removing them, both the filehippo and current installers worked fine. In this case the machine was a lenovo t430s with factory default chrome installation and windows 7 64bit

    11. Carol says:

      Jaimy D THANK YOU!!!!!!!! This was ALL I had to do to fix my daughter’s chrome and get it to download. Worked perfectly…you’re genius. Thank you.

    12. Rob says:

      Jaimy D, thanks a lot from me too. Drive failed to install after I did a factory reinstall on my Lenevo laptop, your suggestion fixed it and saved a load of frustration.

    13. Ferdy Bossy says:

      Many thanks, it works perfect ;-)

    14. manohar says:

      yeh its worked

    15. Lars Ahlstrom says:

      Thanks for that!
      I deleted the whole STATE key wherein only this string value resided.
      And suddenly it updated!
      To v. 50.0.2661.75 m (64-bit)

      Great job Chris!

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