Removing QuickTime nag screen

I’ve just installed the Windows version iTunes to have a play with (I don’t own an iPod, but have heard good things about it in its own right) and it came bundled with QuickTime.

I had shunned QuickTime way back when they started showing an annoying “Upgrade to Pro” nag screen when starting the application – what did it for me was that there was no “don’t remind me again” option. Instead I opted for QuickTime Alternative which was able to handle any .mov files I encountered. Both this and the excellent Real Alternative (I’m not a fan of RealPlayer either) are available here at the time of writing.

Anyway, it seems that you can get rid of the splash screen by setting your date forward a few years, launching QuickTime then clicking the “Later” button. Then set your date back to normal and you shouldn’t be reminded for those few years.

I’ve found that this works even if you have run QuickTime before (i.e. not from a clean installation). Strangely, QuickTime seems to crash on startup if you’re a little over-zealous with your date-setting: I tried both 2099 and 2050 with no joy, so settled for the more conservative 2010, by which time I expect I will have at least re-installed my OS and QuickTime.


I’m halfway through reading Manna, a sci-fi book (freely readable online) about robots and their impact on society. It’s a fantastic read and I thoroughly recommend it.

Update: Just finished! I reckon this would make a good movie, although maybe the geekiness would need to be toned down a little.


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An additional feature which I find really useful is the ability to subscribe to email newsletters which don’t provide RSS feeds. You get a unique email address for each newsletter, and messages sent to that address appear in the corresponding folder.

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