Manage your phone with floAt’s Mobile Agent

If you have a recent (T610 or newer) Sony Ericsson phone, floAt’s Mobile Agent is a great tool for your PC. It allows you to manage your phone’s contacts and messages and do other nifty things such as allow you to pick up and dial calls from your PC. It’s great with Bluetooth but most features also work with USB or serial cables. And, like the best things in life, it’s free!


How to nuke the Automatic Updates nag window

Windows XP has an annoying habit of prompting you to restart every few minutes after you’ve installed updates. If you’re fed up of clicking Restart Later every few minutes but it’s not convenient to restart, try this: click the Start button, then Run, type sc stop wuauserv and click OK. This will stop the Automatic Updates service until your next restart, and stop it from bugging you.

Not now, Windows!

Not now, Windows!