How to set SharePoint page title programmatically

I’ve spent some time today trying to figure out how to set the title of a SharePoint page from my own code. As blogger Michael Becker rightly points out, you can’t simply set Page.Title.

The correct solution, as provided by Michael, is illustrated in this example C# code:

// Get a reference to the appropriate Content Placeholder
ContentPlaceHolder contentPlaceHolder = (ContentPlaceHolder) 

// Clear out anything that SharePoint might have put in it already

// Put your content in
LiteralControl literalControl = new LiteralControl();
literalControl.Text = "Your text goes here";

Happily this even works when you “cheat” by hosting an ASP.NET user control within a SmartPart, as opposed to creating a bona fide Web Part.

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    7 comments on “How to set SharePoint page title programmatically

    1. Lars says:

      Thank you!!!!

    2. Bilawal Asghar says:

      This does not work for me,in sharepoint sandbox solution on
      ontentPlaceHolder contentPlaceHolder = (ContentPlaceHolder)
      gives me error null exception, why??

    3. Florin says:

      This is a great post.
      I got such a headache looking for this solution until I found your article.

    4. Ignacio says:

      Thank you! This works!

    5. Carlos CErrato says:

      Thanks! Really useful post!!!

    6. Michael G. says:

      Thank’s for that,
      in SP 2013 this worked for me on a none publishing site with placeholder “PlaceHolderPageTitleInTitleArea”.

    7. Robi says:

      This code will fail in SharePoint 2013 publishing sites if someone set the page title in “Edit SEO Properties”.
      In this case this code should be used:

      ContentPlaceHolder contentPlaceHolder = (ContentPlaceHolder)page.Master.FindControl("PlaceHolderPageTitle");
      contentPlaceHolder.SetRenderMethodDelegate(delegate(System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter writer,
      System.Web.UI.Control Container)

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