Firefox search extensions

Today I stumbled across the site of the Mycroft project, which provides search plugins for Mozilla, Firefox and Netscape 6+.

In Firefox, there is a search box adjacent to the address bar. By default it searches Google, but if you click on the arrow next to the Google logo, you can select from a number of different search engines. In Mozilla and Netscape, there is a search sidebar with similar functionality.

The great thing about the search box/sidebar is that not only can you search Google and other sites quickly and easily, you can also add your favourite search engines to be available directly from your browser’s search function.

Mycroft hosts an impressive selection of search plugins covering many popular sites, and the site explains how to “roll your own” if your favourite site is not catered for; a fairly simple process if you have some knowledge of HTML.

If you haven’t tried Firefox yet and want to know what all the fuss is about, click here to find out more. It’s basically a free alternative to Internet Explorer, and it provides extra security and features such as tab browsing.