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Anti-telemarketing script

21 Aug
August 21, 2007

Martijn Engelbregt’s Anti-Telemarketing Counterscript seems like a fun way to handle unwanted sales and marketing calls, although I haven’t yet had the patience to try it out!

Anti-telemarketing counterscript (click for full version)

The A to Z of Programmer Predilictions

26 Jan
January 26, 2006

Here’s an amusing list of 26 types of programmers. Which one are you?

(via digg)

Afrotech: Ghetto Hardware Fun

06 Feb
February 6, 2005

This site is a humorous take on all those PC modding websites out there.

There are a few practical tips but most of the articles are there just to make you laugh.

My personal favourite is the hard disk speaker system – I’ve tried it and it works!

If you’ve got an hour or so to spare, I recommend making a visit.

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