An end to comment spam bots on Digg?

Social bookmarking and technology news website Digg has decided to implement CAPTCHA testing within the comment posting mechanism, presumably to stop scripts automatically posting unwanted comments on popular story pages.

Unfortunately, neither a CAPTCHA image nor a box to enter your result is visible yet, effectively disabling commenting until Digg’s programmers get around to finishing their implementation. This is most likely a case of test code being pushed to the live server prematurely rather than a deliberate attempt to prevent comment submission entirely.

Captcha? There is no captcha!

Update: Oops, it seems like story submission is broken too. Step 2 spits out a load of SQL before the normal page content; the rest of the submission procedure (including CAPTCHA verification) appears to complete normally, but the story is nowhere to be found in either the relevant digg area nor my profile.

Update 2: Looks like they’re fixing it as we speak. All pages now display “take a break, we’ll be back in 10. +digg”.

Update 3: Back to normal, just about. They’ve removed the CAPTCHA verification for comment posting, and story submission is working too (the story I posting during their “outage” has now appeared). The top search box on every Digg page isn’t working correctly – it’s showing a blank search form instead of the search results I’m expecting – but apart from that, everything’s fine and dandy.

digg – tech news you choose

Since I first heard about digg on Return Of The Screensavers, I have been using it a lot. It’s similar to other sites which fall under the “tech news” banner, such as Slashdot, but with one major difference. Stories can be submitted by anyone, and whether they appear on the front page depends on users who can “digg” stories they like. It’s difficult to explain, but it works surprisingly well – give it a try to see what I mean.

I find digg much more fun to use than Slashdot, with more stories I enjoy, and can honestly say I haven’t read Slashdot since joining digg. Highly recommended!