Thoughts on npower hometeam

I signed up for a npower hometeam 50 central heating care contract at the start of February. Knowing that boiler repair can be expensive and that my boiler hadn’t been serviced since we moved in over a year ago, £15 a month didn’t seem a bad price for peace of mind, especially as it includes an annual service worth £75. Also, as npower supply my gas and electricity, I’d be entitled to 50% cashback at the end of the year if I didn’t call them out.

Towards the end of March – coincidentally, a week before my first annual inspection and service was due – the boiler failed and I called npower out. They offered me an appointment for two days later, so I agreed with my employer to work from home on that day.

The engineer arrived and set to work looking at the boiler. He thought that either the gas valve or PCB needed replacing, although he didn’t seem to perform any extensive diagnosis in order to reach this conclusion. He then started the annual service inspection, and at this point noticed that there was a small gap between the boiler and the flue because the original installer hadn’t properly attached the bottom of the flue pipe to the fan assembly. Unfortunately the flue pipe was cemented in place through the wall of the garage in which the boiler is installed. He said that npower could fix this, but as a pre-existing fault it would be chargeable at £200 and they wouldn’t necessarily do a great job as they are not installation specialists, so I would be better off getting a local gas fitter to rectify the problem, which would probably take around an hour and cost in the region of £80. The npower engineer said that once the flue had been fitted correctly, I should contact the call centre and book an appointment so he could come back and fit a new gas valve. In the meantime, he said he had no choice but to declare the boiler as “Immediately Dangerous” and disconnect it from the gas supply.

The engineer left, and I immediately contacted Custom Heat, a local (Rugby-based) gas installation company, about whom I had previously heard good things. They were able to come out the following day after 1pm, which I was pleased with as I was eager to get the issue resolved.

When the Custom Heat engineer arrived, he took a look at the boiler and told me categorically that there was no problem with the flue installation, and that the npower engineer was wrong to condemn the boiler. He reconnected the boiler to the gas supply, charged me a £72 callout fee and left.

I got straight on the phone to the npower call centre to explain this. The operator was very apologetic and promised that she would call me back by the end of the day. This didn’t happen, and when I called the following day to chase this, I was told they had no record of the conversation. So I explained everything in detail again, requesting that the information be added onto my account notes, and was given an appointment for the npower engineer to return five days later.

The engineer arrived and, to my surprise, he had no knowledge of what had happened with Custom Heat. He was still adamant that the flue was incorrectly fitted and therefore the boiler was unsafe. He demonstrated this by dismantling the boiler and shining a torch up from the combustion chamber into the flue, and we could both see that there was an escape of light. He said that unfortunately he’d have to condemn the boiler once again and wouldn’t be able to replace any parts until the boiler had been made safe.

So I phoned Custom Heat to explain the situation. The operator said she would get the engineer to call me back as soon as possible. Around ten minutes later, he called me so I briefly explained the situation again and put him on the npower engineer who was still on the premises. The Custom Heat engineer told him that he they would come out and fix the flue with no charge, and that I should call the office to arrange this, which I did. The operator initially tried to backtrack on the “free fix” promise, saying that there would be no additional callout fee, but parts and labour would be chargeable. I didn’t accept this and they did back down and send an installer out within 15 minutes. As luck would have it, the npower engineer was fortunately still here and he was able to explain his findings.

The installer was very good and completed the work within an hour and a half, albeit with some difficulty as the boiler was installed approximately seven years ago and the fittings had started to corrode in place. Unfortunately, by the time he’d finished, the npower engineer had left, so I had to book a third appointment with them, for three days’ time.

The npower engineer arrived, was happy with the flue, and started carrying out a proper diagnosis of the original fault. He decided that the gas valve wasn’t the problem after all, and it was actually the PCB. He didn’t have one with him, but was able to pick one up from a local supplier and fit it the same day, which did indeed get the boiler working.

So, after twelve days without heating or hot water (even the shower runs from the mains water), I was finally up and running again.

Clearly the original installer was at fault for not connecting the flue correctly, but I have no recourse as the central heating system was already fitted when we move in, and we were left no paperwork showing who installed it. Also Custom Heat were in the wrong for refusing to accept that there was a flue problem, and reconnecting the boiler without remedial work when the npower engineer had declared it unsafe. I can’t fault the npower engineer for erring on the side of caution and refusing the work on the boiler until it had been made safe, but things could have progressed much more quickly if the call centre staff had logged my issue correctly, and there wasn’t such a long lead time for appointments, which would have made the situation all the more unpleasant had it happened in the middle of winter.

Custom Heat deserve some credit for eventually fixing the problem for free, saving me approximately £60 in labour, although I’d have preferred to have paid and had it fixed first time around. They were also quick to come out on both occasions, unlike npower. I would hesitate to recommend Custom Heat based on my experience though, as they were happy to leave me with a visibly unsafe boiler.

I’m glad I had the npower cover, as it saved me paying £200-odd for a new PCB (although reconditioned boards are available on eBay for around £65) plus labour to diagnose the problem and fit the part. Fortunately my employer is flexible enough to allow me to work from home when necessary, so despite the inconvenience, I wasn’t out of pocket for four separate days I had to spend out of the office.

I haven’t decided whether I’ll renew my npower hometeam contract when it runs out. Most likely, I’ll switch to the British Gas equivalent which costs an extra £2/month for similar cover (albeit without the 50% cashback option), which could be worth it if they’re able to get out to me more quickly in the event of a boiler breakdown.

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    13 comments on “Thoughts on npower hometeam

    1. kev says:

      had a similar problem with the same cover.

      N Power took 5 months to decide to do my initial annual inspection, found faults and quoted £2300 to repair which they would not cover or carry out.
      The repairs included a new heat exchanger at £1400.00.
      Heat exchanger is still under warranty, so contacted the manufacturer (Weissman) and E-on who installed it.
      They quoted £505, the Heat exchanger is fine and I have agreed to the repairs with a provision that if the heat exchanger did breakdown they would honour any repair on my new heating cover contract with them.

      Needless to say they are going to carry out the repairs.
      Cancelled the cover with NPower which cos £75 over the 5 months, tried to get something back as they had been so long in carrying out the inspection, but no joy “Yet”

      The message —- Don’t use Npower.

    2. Chris Barnes says:

      Hi Kev, sorry to hear about your experience. It seems only fair that npower refund you given the circumstances, so I wish you the best of luck.

    3. Eddie says:

      Sounds very familiar to my case…I have sent my details to BBC Watchdog in the hope of recouping the £160 excess I had to pay Scottish gas to get my heating going when Npower washed their hands of their contract.Same old chestnut…they delay in sending out engineer to do initial inspection…so if something goes wrong…they say…pre existing fault….blah blah blah….Daylight robbery.Use British Gas….miles better!!!

    4. Nick says:

      Hi Chris,

      I also had a problem with Hometeam 50 with I recounted at
      Money Saving Expert

      The BER clause in the NPower contract might help you in your NPower / British Gas decision.

    5. jim says:

      I have no faith in their ability – the engineer comes out tells you 1 problem, the next 1 comes out and another he states it’s something else and this will definitely fix the problem – it don’t. you request a call from the field manager get none, arrange a visit from him as your combi boiler wont switch off as the previous engineer had not put all the parts back and you have to wait a month – no one come out perhaps they like the extra money they earn – then no show from field manager – you have to call them as you don’t know what is going on and were awaiting a call – then they say they won’t fix it until you get such and such done – you appeal – guess who makes the final decision – the field manager that won’t show – going to a local engineer

    6. Brent Miller says:

      Having very similar problems at the moment. It seems work is recommended that isn’t necessary and then charging me for it even though I have parts and labour included.

    7. Michael Silver says:

      Avoid like the plague. Everything about the company, the policy and the service stinks. It’s legalised extortion. It would take me a week to do justice to the nonsense i have endured. Save yourself the hassle and avoid/cancel.

    8. joe mclaughlin says:

      going through the same thing just now, contracts started on 1st of December 2013, a problem with no hot water occurred on January the 3rd, and reported on the 6th of January, npower sent repairer out who immediately informed my wife it was a pre-existing fault with a safety switch, not knowing anything about boilers and needing to get to work, she said fine and she would take it up with npower.
      I then called the customer service and asked if it where a pre-existing fault when did it occur, which he couldn’t say until he asked the engineer as it was categorically on the 3rd when our hot water failed.
      i got called back after two days waiting for a return call, from Omar.
      after consulting with the engineer he told me the engineer from DONNELLY’S IN GLASGOW, informed him that, “the man of the house told him that it had been an ongoing problem and that my wife had told him also it had been going on for a while.
      I informed Omar that at the time of the call-out I, myself was in Edinburgh and had never spoken to the engineer, and that my wife had no such conversation were she stated an ongoing problem, and that the engineer was quite obviously LYING.
      I pointed out that it was not a pre-existing problem and he was lying to cover the fact he was fraudulently trying to extort money for his company as the service was not cost effective from NPOWER.
      Omar returned the call after a couple of days after consulting his line manager, saying he couldn’t overturn the decision and we would need to pay for the repair.
      How can npower trust the credibility of the engineers findings after HE WAS CAUGHT OUT LYING ABOUT HIS CONTACT WITH OURSELVES, AND WHAT WE NEVER DISCUSSED WITH HIM.
      I have honoured my end of the contract but they have no intention of honour their end of the contract.
      I have informed them of my intention to raise a complaint with the ombudsman and carry on paying my DD until it is worked out to a satisfactory outcome. IF NOT LEGAL ACTION WILL ENSUE AND END UP GOING BACK TO SCOTTISH GAS WHO ABSOLUTELY DO WHAT THEY PROMISE TO DO.

    9. Florin B says:

      As we speak I’m waiting for the nPower Hometeam to sort out a boiler fuse failure. The temperature in the house dropped at 18 deg Celsius and there is no hot water or heating as the boiler is dead.
      When I called nPower Hometeam on Friday they offered to send an engineer on Sunday to look into the problem. This happened after they failed to log an early phone call at around 7 o’clock. So they said the earliest a boiler engineer can come was in 48 hours although I’ve mentioned to them I’ve got a 3 year old child at home. They said they are not an central heating emergency service and this is the earliest they can come. When I called the Hometeam heating and boiler repair department on a different number (one that could book you a engineer in exchange for a fee) for a one-off service or repair-number is 08009803650-nPower offered an engineer the same day. So let me repeat that: as a paying monthly customer with a Home care 50 plan I had to wait in autumn temperatures 2 days for an engineer to come but if I was prepared to pay £69.99 then I could have somebody to come and see the boiler on the same day.

    10. john says:

      we our going through a problem with NPOWER, an engineer was called as when we turned the hot water on the heating came on,the engineer said i need new parts, diverter valve and actuator,also a new heatxchanger which was not covered because there was sludge in the system,thay did not have the diverter or acutater with them and the cost of a new heatexchanger was £230.
      we said we want the parts fitted but not the heatxchanger,an engineer was booked for for wednesday but on the day i got a call to tell me that i must have the heat exchanger fitted i refused but wanted the outher parts fitted,they fitted the parts and said it will not last,without a full flush to remove the sludge.
      fortunetley i had a friend who new about boilers,he cleaned out the heatxchanger found no blokedge replaced new washers when he refited it and found that the diverter valve was stuck letting hot water into the heating
      the engineer left the old actuater it was tested and found nothing rong.
      i canceled them and stopped my direct debit ,they are now chasing me for breaking my contract,i have never seen a contract and have been with them for over 3.5 years has anyone been forced to pay the last months of a so called contract

    11. louise says:

      I would also recommend avoiding npower. Having had a lot of problems with my heating over the years, replacing the boiler and all of the pipes in the house i was tempted away from the british gas cover I had by npowers instance that they could cover my system for a reduced fee. I made a big mistake by agreeing. They never came for the initial inspection but happily took money from my account. 5 months later when there was a minor problem with my boiler they refused to fix as I had not had the initial inspection. I agreed to pay the 200 pounds to fix the boiler and was told that this would then enable me to pass the inital inspection. Role on 6 months and when the annual inspection happened I was told that the boiler would not pass and they would make minimal repairs and cancel my cover. The engineers were rude and the call center staff were worse. Please avoid this homecare

    12. Paula says:

      Don’t get Npower service cover it is not worth it – I have just called them out and they are telling me it is going to take 4 days before an engineer is able to visit the property.
      In that time we are expected to manage with no heating or hot water.. I had British Gas Cover before and they were really good, i never had to wait this long.

    13. Doug says:

      I have had a terrible time with npower Boiler & Central Heating Care. I have been a customer for 8 years (plus energy 13 years) recently during the extremely cold weather the boiler kept shutting down and had to be re- set. However, we only had partial heating. I phone npower who sent an engineer who diagnosed that the pump was not working effectively and he would order a new one. I asked that the replacement be given priority as my wife had just been discharged from hospital having suffered a critical Stroke and we are nearly 80 years old. Three weeks of hassle went by and there was no sign of the pump being replaced. Eventually, they said that the pump was not covered under their exclusions Clause 14.15 “it is a ground, air and water source heat pump” which of course it is not. Further arguments with npower brought forth ridiculous reasons for not replacing the pump, notably,
      “It is an External Pump” Yes the CH system is conventional with the pump sited in the airing cupboard. It is not integrated in the boiler like Combi’s
      “The Pump and Boiler are Commercial” confirmed by the Field Manager who has never been near our Town house.
      Over the past year we have had very poor repair service and care and was not going to renew our plan. Because of the debacle with npower, their answers and attitude, I cancelled the plan which still had 2 months to run and got the pump replaced. It has set my wife’s recovery back with the stress and discomfort in this cold weather. I would advise anyone thinking of taking out the Boiler and Central Heating Plan with npower BEWARE if their pump is not integrated in the boiler. Make sure that they inspect the system and get it in writing that the pump is covered. They will find some reason for not replacing the pump.

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