How to make Google Chrome open .torrent files with µTorrent

Unfortunately Google Chrome doesn’t currently support opening files without downloading them, which is a pain when dealing with .torrent files which must be manually opened after downloading. I’ve been doing things this way for a while, but today stumbled across a handy feature in µTorrent which solves this minor annoyance: monitoring a directory for .torrent files.

Under Options ? Preferences ? Directories, tick the bottom two boxes (Automatically load .torrents from and Delete loaded .torrents), then type or browse to the path where Chrome downloads your files. For me, it’s D:\Downloads.

You can keep Delete loaded .torrents unticked if you like, but for me this option is a godsend as it saves me having to manually clear old .torrent files from my download directory.

To make the process as seamless as possible, make sure that Chrome’s Ask where to save each file before downloading option is unticked: