Earn cashback on your shopping with Quidco

Quidco is a cashback site which you can use to earn rewards for shopping at your favourite sites. You can also earn cashback without spending any money, simply by signing up for free trials of services such as CreditExpert, or by switching your utility or insurance providers.

Since I joined a little over three years ago, I’ve managed to amass a cool £1300 in cashback, so it’s definitely worth doing. By way of a membership fee, the first £5 you earn per year is retained by Quidco, but after this you get 100% of the proceeds.

There are a few notable omissions such as Amazon, but most of the big retailers appear on Quidco, typically offering anything up to 10% cashback. Some of my favourites are Play.com, Tesco, Debenhams, ArgoseBay and iTunes. They’ve also started a in-store cashback programme including retailers such as Halfords and Cineworld.

Plus if you sign up via any of the links in this post, you will earn £1.25 just for joining. I’ll also get £1.25 for introducing you. Once you’ve joined you can also earn up to £2.50 for each friend you introduce.

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    One comment on “Earn cashback on your shopping with Quidco

    1. Matt says:

      You done well out of it too. I only been with it a year and got £300 so far.

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