Scansure – buyer beware!

I recently purchased a hard drive from – one of their Today Only specials. At checkout, they automatically add Scansure Protection - an insurance policy which protects against installation damage. This is a bit sneaky, and because I wasn’t really concentrating, I neglected to remove it. It only cost me £2.30, but that’s money wasted as I have been building my own machines for years now and it’s unlikely I’d damage the drive. Unfortunately, from browsing the Scan forums, it seems that it’s impossible to cancel Scansure after going through with the order.

This experience probably won’t stop me buying from Scan in the future, but I’ll certainly be more careful. Ideally I think Scansure should be opt-out rather than opt-in, or at the very least there should be an option for registered users to disable Scansure permanently on their account.

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    One comment on “Scansure – buyer beware!

    1. Robert says:

      I have had a similar experience except my order was for £1500 and they added £45 worth of insurance. They put it next to the vat on the invoice too so it’s harder to notice. Thankfully I noticed in time and had it removed before the order was dispatched. Should definitely be an opt-in. Has the debacle over PPI not taught them anything? I personally think it is a waste of money as I have built more machines than I can count and not damaged a single piece of hardware on installation, so not having insurance (for me anyway) has paid for itself many times over.

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