List of Domino’s (UK) pizza bases

I’m posting this here simply for my own reference because Domino’s don’t publish it on their own site – I often order online and don’t always have a menu to hand. Hope I didn’t make you hungry!

Domino's Regular Crust Regular Crust
Our famous, fresh dough base.
Domino's Thin Crust Thin Crust
Our thin and crispy dough base. Medium and large only.
Domino's Double Decadence Double Decadence™
A layer of cheese & herb sauce sandwiched between two thin crust bases. Medium and large only.
(£1.50 extra for medium, £2 extra for Large, may vary amongst stores)
Domino's Double Decadence Dominator™
A stuffed base using our regular and thin crust dough, infused with a cheese and herb sauce. Large only.
(£1.50 extra, may vary amongst stores)
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      That’s was so helpful thanks mate

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