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Use Firefox as a calculator

24 Jul
July 24, 2007

As you probably know, Google has a very good calculator feature built-in. However, if you use Firefox, you don’t even need to access the Google website to use it – just type your sum in the search box (with the Google search engine selected) and, as if by magic, the answer will appear below, in the box normally reserved for suggested search phrases.

Firefox calculator

GooSync: Google Calendar on the move

05 Jul
July 5, 2007

GooSync is a service which allows you to synchronise your Google Calendar with your mobile phone or PDA. Unlike Google Calendar, which is only accessible via your mobile device’s web browser, GooSync ties in with the calendar/reminder function provided as part of your PDA or phone. This could potentially save you a lot of money if, like me, you’re on a fairly meagre data plan and like to check your schedule regularly.

GooSync is provided by Wolverhampton-based Toffa International, who specialise in sync software. The basic service is free to use, while power users may benefit from the £19.95/year subscription account which offers additional features such as multiple calendar support.

I signed up for the free service with the intention of writing a review, but to be honest there’s not much to be said. I signed up for the account, clicked the confirmation link sent to my email address, authorised GooSync to access my calendar via Google’s API and requested an auto-configuration message to be sent to my handset (Sony Ericsson W880i) via SMS. Opening the configuration SMS prompted me to install the new sync settings, then it was just a matter of telling the phone to synchronise.

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