Firefox 2 Beta 2 now available

Mozilla has released the second beta version of Firefox 2. The usual warnings about beta software apply, but if you’re brave and would like a sneak peek of what’s to come, give it a spin.

If you’re not enamoured with the close buttons on every tab, or the tab bar scrolling feature, there are a couple of hidden about:config options that can be changed to disable the new features. See this Lifehacker comment for details.
Firefox 2 is slated for release in October of this year, with version 3 of the browser expected to appear at some point in 2007.

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    2 comments on “Firefox 2 Beta 2 now available

    1. Hammy says:

      dude you haven’t blogged for ages, nothin’ much going on then?

      By the way I use Firefox 2 just to make this comment related to this post. its cool and totally much better than IE 7. I especially like the adblock extenzion so i bloke all adds on a page so it loads quicker! yay!

      I want to set up a blog soon any suggestions? I looked at Word Press looks really good so might go with that.


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