Pixmania review

I recently ordered a printer from Pixmania, something I would normally buy from Ebuyer but for some reason they kept cancelling my order.

The site is nicely designed, but it has a number of quirks. Firstly, every time I go to pixmania.co.uk or pixmania.com, I’m asked for my country. I’d expect to go straight to the UK site when using the .co.uk domain, and perhaps to be asked once when using the .com. Ebuyer looks at my IP address and automatically sends me to the UK site; kelkoo.com asks me my country every time but at least kelkoo.co.uk takes me straight to the UK site.

Anyway the shopping process seemed OK – their “Zen Engagement” extended warranty and “VIPix” loyalty card was automatically added to the basket but thankfully I was able to remove them. I have no need for an extended warranty on a disposable printer (I’m replacing my old Samsung ML-1510 simply because I need a new cartridge, and it’s almost as cheap to buy a whole new printer) and while the loyalty card scheme – £14 for a year’s free delivery and 7% discount off certain products – might be useful for regular buyers, I don’t expect to buy from Pixmania again in the near future.

It becomes obvious that Pixmania is a French site, hastily translated to suit other markets, because of the examples of broken English scattered through the site: “Your delivery mode”, for example.

Order tracking is a bit strange too: my printer was dispatched 4 days after placing my order, but I didn’t get an email advising me of this; I had to keep checking the order tracking page on the website, which on one occasion appeared in French! Even when it did display in English, I clicked on the parcel number to go to the Parcelforce online track & trace service as instructed, but then had to enter the tracking ID manually; I’d have expected it to go straight to the details for my parcel as happens with countless other online suppliers. The Parcelforce site isn’t particularly helpful either – I’m told that “Progress of the parcel you’ve enquired about is displayed below” but there’s nothing there!

I must say I’m slightly regretting ordering from a site that has so many annoyances. Ebuyer and even Amazon aren’t perfect, but in the case of Pixmania, it just seems like the effort to make the shopping experience “as fluid as possible” (from their own About Us section) just hasn’t been made.

Anyway, the order worked out slightly cheaper than Ebuyer would have, and although it hasn’t arrived yet, I’m not in a huge rush, although it would be nice to have it by Saturday (a week after I placed the order).

Update: It arrived eventually, and the printer is a pretty good. Interestingly, the Dell 1100 printer is built around the same chassis and print engine, although the Samsung is faster.

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