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I just bought a couple of DVDs from and my order came to £14.94 – 6p short of the free Super Saver Delivery threshold. If you’re ever in a similar situation, try the Amazon Filler Item Finder. It produces a list of cheap items that you can add to your basket in order to qualify for free delivery. You never know – you might even end up with something you wanted!

There is an alternative site here, which isn’t quite as user-friendly but sometimes finds cheaper items. I ended up with 25 Easter animals stickers for 52p, which no doubt I’ll never use but it saved me £2.23 on delivery.

Update: I was able to remove the stickers from my order without being charged for delivery (screenshot), but there’s no guarantee that Amazon will honour the order.

Update 2: I had to cancel one of the DVDs, bringing my order total down to £7.97. After cancelling the item, I was required to choose another delivery option, so it seems that their system will only let you off if you’re close to the £15 threshold.

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    1. Mark says: has great selection of filler items for UK

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