Opera 9 beta now available

I’m a diehard fan of Firefox, but I’m still interested in trying out the alternatives. Opera, once a commercial product, has been free since version 8.5, and the beta version of Opera 9 is now available for download. It promises the fastest, most secure browsing experience ever, and includes several new features including widgets (small Web applications, similar to Konfabulator, Windows Vista Sidebar and the Mac OS X Dock), a built-in BitTorrent client, customisable ad blocking and more. Compatibility-wise, I’ve had no problems viewing any of my usual sites, and it does seem fairly speedy. So far, my only complaint is that the interface isn’t as light as that of Firefox, but switching the skin to Windows Native has made things a little easier on the eyes.

You can download the beta from the Opera website.

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    One comment on “Opera 9 beta now available

    1. Matty says:

      Yeah cool. I had a look at that the other day and definatly gonna give it a try at home. I haven’t had any problems with Firefox though so I’ll probably stick with that unless Opera turns out to be the god of all web browsers.

      I know there been a few security bugs found in Firefox now but It hasen’t affected me, unlike IE before it which liked to kick my computer in the nuts every five minutes with adware, bugs and pop up crap. Glad to be rid of it, although I will have a look at IE 7 but like I said it would also have to be a web browser god of a program to get me off Firefox now.

      Catch Ya Later! Meep! Meep! >>>>>>

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