Tunatic: free music identification software

Tunatic screenshotTunatic “listens” to your music and attempts to identify it. I used it to find out the name of a song I heard on TV, and it managed to get it.

It actually managed to give me a title and artist for most songs I could throw at it, which is impressive considering services like Shazam charge 59p/song. Obviously it will only work when you are listening to music on (or near) your computer, but hey, it’s free. Tunatic supports Windows and Mac OS X.
Talking of music from TV, I’ve just discovered Harvey Danger. Their song Flagpole Sitta is the theme tune to Channel 4′s Peep Show, and the band have just released their latest album as a free download. It’s actually pretty good, and if you want to support the artists, you can buy the album on CD or send an online donation. The download is in DRM-free MP3 format, so you are not restricted to a particular operating system, software or hardware player.

And finally, I’ve also discovered an “electroclash” band called Client (thanks, Chris M!) Their music isn’t free, unfortunately, but I was interested to see that their site is powered by WordPress, a content management system used mainly for blogs like this one, but also capable of running full-blown sites such as Client’s.

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