Goodbye Webfusion, hello uptime!

For the past few years, this domain has been hosted on a server operated by Webfusion, a UK web host. Unfortunately, since being taken over by a certain large ISP, reliability has gone through the floor, to the point where the servers are rebooted almost daily, taking down my website and email at the most inconvenient time. The general consensus is that Webfusion are simply cramming too many users onto each server (it’s a shared hosting setup) causing them to fall over, and I’m not the only one who’s unhappy: Google “Webfusion reviews” and you’ll see what I mean.

Fortunately, W2-S Internet Services, through whom I purchase my hosting, have taken proactive action and have begun migrating customers to US-based servers operated by a separate company. Already I have noticed the increased reliability and response, and I’m getting additional features (such as hosting for multiple domains and PostgreSQL support) for the same as I was paying with Webfusion.

My only concern about migrating to servers in the US was that it would slow my site down; however this proved to be unfounded as I’m still able to max out my 1Mbps ADSL connection when downloading from this server. When I think about it, most of the sites I visit are probably hosted in the US anyway, and they don’t seem considerably slower than UK-hosted sites.

The most arduous part of the process was moving my data from the old server to the new, and even that only took a day. It also gave me a chance to give my Web space a well-needed Spring clean.

So, thanks to W2-S, who I highly recommend by the way, and goodbye to Webfusion – let’s hope they sort themselves out, but it’s too late for me I’m afraid.

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