ITConversations: New ideas through your headphones

ITConversations hosts audio programmes with respected figures in the IT industry, such as security expert Bruce Schneier, Moore’s Law founder Dr Gordon Moore, Apple Computer’s Steve Wozniak and PHP developer Rasmus Lerdorf.

Visitors can contribute questions, and the shows can be streamed or downloaded in Windows Media or MP3 format. There is also podcast support, and transcripts are available for all interviews.

This is a great site for anyone studying an IT or Computing-related degree, or anyone with an interest in the field.

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Make your PC look like a Mac shows how to make your Windows XP interface look like that of Mac OS X. This is probably nothing more than a novelty item really, as it’s still Windows under the bonnet, but it might be useful for Mac die-hards who are forced to use Windows at work. It’s worth a look anyway, because some of the software used (such as ObjectDock) is useful in its own right.

If you decide to give this a go, don’t forget to stick one of those Apple stickers you got with your iPod to the front of your case to complete the effect… ;)

Firefox reaches 50 million download milestone

At 8:58 AM Pacific time (4:58 AM GMT), Firefox rolled over the 50 million download line. For the Firefox team, this is a validation of 5 years of work and the beginning of 5 more. The “50 million” minisite features some of the tales of spreading Firefox that have won submitters one of 50 limited edition coins minted especially for the event.

There are still 38 coins available, so keep your stories coming to!