Pinnacle PCTV and Windows XP SP2

I embarked on a little project today which involved transferring some old footage from VHS to DVD. Wanting to do it as cheaply as possible, I dug out my old Pinnacle PCTV Rave TV tuner/analogue capture card. Unfortunately, I had some difficulty getting it to work under Windows XP with Service Pack 2, but luckily I found this post.

The instructions were slightly outdated, so here’s my version of what to do:

  • If you have any version of Nero installed, remove it – apparently this conflicts with the PCTV drivers somehow
  • Install the latest PCTV drivers from here
  • Now install this file
  • Reinstall the latest version of Nero, if you need it

That seems to be all you need to do to kick the card back into life :)

Finally, I had some hardware hacking fun: I built a SCART to phono and 3.5mm jack converter out of spare parts as I’d left the relevant bits of kit in my student house and didn’t want to lose quality by using the card’s RF input.

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    4 comments on “Pinnacle PCTV and Windows XP SP2

    1. Konrad says:

      Thanks, hopefully this should get my pctv pro working again on SP2

    2. Manoj says:

      Thanks a lot..Friend. I spent the last 1 and half days pulling out my hair and cursing the Pinnacle guys…Thanks for a real good solution…

    3. Anonymous says:

      if you dont want your computer connecting up to loads of web sites you do not want includiung poker sites. i suggest you do not load what this guy is saying because he,thanks to his advice I loded at least 7 spyware files in my computer and i had to scrub my hard dive to get rid of them. so to the site owner: you are a arseholoe. go f— your self as i had to do a complete srub to get rid of your malicious files.i loaded it in thanks to this page . it’s s a good job i know my computers as any other unsuspecting soul would of loaded your files and had to spend £30 ph at PC world + cost sorting it out .you arsehole did you post the comments youself? i bet you did. I know i Only Loaded the Basics Eg Audio driver, graphics driver & sevice pack 2 for windows don’t do anything this guy says. pinnacle hasn’t even got this update on there web site so if you want A Diver for pctv rave go direct to pinnacles web site. hope this discorages you as pinnacle even though there customer support is shit IS DEFFINATLY A BETTER BET THANKS posted by Concerned pc user with a spyware added pc thanks to this page.

    4. Deeps says:

      Thanx a lot mate, this was a blessin in disguise. I’ve been strugglin with the rave support on SP2 for a week now. By the way u don’t have to un-install nero, it does work fine even if nero(v6.6.0.16) is installed)

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