Firefox extensions

Here’s a list of my favourite extensions for the Firefox browser. Note that many of these will also work in Mozilla.

Adblock – filters ads from web pages (great in conjunction with Filterset.G definitions)
Allow Right-Click – defeats web sites’ right-click prevention scripts
Bandwidth Tester – tells you the bandwidth of your current Internet connection
BugMeNot – uses the to log into sites requiring free subscription
Coralize – loads pages, links and images through Coral CDN
Configuration Mania – allows configuration of hidden Firefox preferences
Context Search – transforms the “Web Search for…” context item into a menu containing your Mycroft search plugins – manage your bookmarks from within Firefox
Dict – define words in a Web page
Disable Targets For Downloads – prevents download links from opening a blank window
ForecastFox – display international weather forecasts from in any toolbar or statusbar
Gcache – displays a Google cached version of the current webpage
Gmail Notifier
ieview -view current page in Internet Explorer

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